What is the Best Drink to Lower Cholesterol?

What is the Best Drink to Lower Cholesterol?

High cholesterol levels are dangerous to your health. They can mess your health and life by increasing your risk to heart-related ailments. For this reason, it’s important that you learn how to lower your cholesterol. For the most part, you will achieve plenty of success by embracing healthy living. Often, that includes watching what you eat and drink. A good starting point would be to identify the best drinks for lowering cholesterol.

Below are a few of the drinks that you must take to keep your cholesterol low.

Green Tea

For centuries, people have benefited from the healing properties of tea. Those properties include the ability to lower cholesterol levels thus making you capable of staying healthy and avoiding some of the dangers associated with high cholesterol. Green tea is the undoubted champion when contemplating a perfect drink for lowering the bad cholesterol, or LDL. Its effectiveness is down to the presence of antioxidants.

Tart Cherry Juice

A regular intake of tart cherry juice is capable of reducing your cholesterol levels mightily. What is more, it also has a positive effect on cardiovascular health. Furthermore, tart cherry juice mainly focuses on lowering LDL, which is universally known as the bad cholesterol. It doesn’t interfere with the HDL in any significant manner. Additionally, the juice ensures that your blood pressure remains stable thus reducing exposure to some dangerous ailments.

Citrus Juice

Citrus fruit contains the ingredients necessary for ensuring that your cholesterol levels remain low and don’t spike to dangerous levels. Citrus fruits are effective because of the antioxidants that they contain. Therefore, prepare your glass of citrus juice today. Drink at least a glass every day or as regularly as you can. What is more, you have several options regarding the kind of citrus juice to drink. These include:

  1. Oranges
  2. Grapefruit
  3. Lemon

Cranberry Juice

Just as effective in lowering cholesterol is the regular intake of cranberry juice. The juice can be quite sweet to taste. For this reason, you are better off with a sugar-free version of cranberry juice, particularly if your goal is to lower the cholesterol levels that appear to be spiking all the time. You will notice a massive difference in your cholesterol levels if you make a habit of drinking two glasses of this plain juice on a daily basis.

Cranberry juice is effective because of the powerful antioxidants it contains that:

  • raise HDL levels
  • lower LDL levels

Ginger Tea

Ginger Tea, just like green tea, is also renowned for its ability to lower cholesterol levels thus keeping you healthy. For centuries, different communities have used it for treating diarrhea and nausea among other health problems. Now, scientists have discovered that it also plays a crucial role in keeping LDL levels low. Other than that, it has many other advantages too. For example, it can help in the prevention of atherosclerosis. However, limit yourself to 4gm daily.

Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate juice has also proven itself capable of lowering the dangerous LDL cholesterol. It does this courtesy of its antioxidants. More specifically, it contains a good amount of polyphenols, which will always ensure that your cholesterol doesn’t shoot up to dangerously high levels that threaten your health. However, you should be certain that what you are drinking is actually pure pomegranate juice rather than a concoction of sugar and water.


Water is preferable to any sugary beverage that you like drinking. It has several healthy benefits. The water might not be as sweet as other types of beverage but is more effective than the rest in ensuring that your cholesterol levels don’t spike beyond your control. As long as you hydrate your body regularly, your cholesterol levels will stay at healthy and safe levels. Therefore, start taking water regularly.

What is clear is that you don’t have to go to the doctor for medication. You only need to identify the right drinks to start taking and your cholesterol levels will begin dropping faster than you ever imagined. Once they drop, you should keep them at that level. Otherwise, all your effort and sacrifices will have been in vain. Therefore, take plenty of water, green tea, ginger tea, cranberry juice, citrus juice, tart cherry juice, and pomegranate juice.

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